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ARMOR series

Riyang ARMOR series is a high-performance fusion welding machine with trailer mobility, designed to excel on construction sites.

Hydraulic Butt Fusion Machines

The hydraulically operated butt fusion machine is featured by robust, compact and rugged reliability. The hydraulic power station gives sufficient pressure to butt fusing pipes and fittings with a variety of pressure ratings. And Riyang hydraulic butt fusion machine is compatible with Riyang data logger, which records and documents the key parameters of the fusion process.

Automatic Butt Fusion Machines

Riyang automatic butt fusion machine is featured by PLC touch screen, user-friendly RFID access and Servo motor powered station. The intelligent welding system guides the operator to weld in more accurate way, thus reducing the risk of error occurred by operator. This kind of butt fusion machine is always required in gas industry.

Manual Butt Fusion Machines

The manually operated butt fusion machine is featured by easy use, lightweight and quick operation. This compact fusion machine could enable only one operator to do the precise welding at the jobsite. It gives more flexibility to work not only on the ground, but also in the ditch.

Welding Data Loggers

The welding data logger is designed to track, record and analyze the key weld parameters of the fusion process. Riyang`s data logger, also called PEWELDBANK, is a powerful risk management and productivity tool that helps you accurately tack your poly welding processes. It could be used with any butt welder. Help operators to caculate weld parameters for a variety of standards.


Riyang fusion machine has been applied to more than 60 countries and regions in the fields of polyethylene pipe manufacturers, gas construction projects, irrigation projects, mining and civil installations, etc.MORE

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