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What else accessories needed to work with the fusion machine?

What else accessories needed to work with the fusion machine?

Update Time:2021-05-27
Always there are a variety of accessory items recommended to work along with the poly fusion machine. Some accessory items are need for better quality joints, and some considered mandatory by inspector.

ISO Inserts/Single Inserts/Narrow Inserts
Riyang butt fusion machine sent along with multi inserts, sometimes we call hamburger inserts. ISO inserts/Single inserts are needed by some local regulation, these inserts will improve the pipes alignment and productivity. Narrow inserts are always needed to hold the short spigot fittings for a butt fusion connection.

Stub End Holder
Used to hold a stub end fitting for a butt fusion jointing.

Data Logger
Used to guide and record your welding process. It ensures correct welding parameters are being adhered to by prompting the operator through each fusion welding step, whilst displaying timers, actual pressure and temperatures. 

Pipe Roller Support
Used to support the pipes to give a proper alignment in the pe welding machine

Electrical Lifting Crane
Used to lift up the trimmer and heater of butt fusion machine starts from 450mm size.

Riyang fusion machine has been applied to more than 60 countries and regions in the fields of polyethylene pipe manufacturers, gas construction projects, irrigation projects, mining and civil installations, etc.MOER

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